Unlock Livingstone’s Best Kept Secret: A September Retreat at Jollyboys Backpackers

A woman in a green bikini lounging by the Jollyboys Pool on a sunlounger on a sunning day in Livingstone. The best of Livingstone lodges.

Imagine the sun’s warm caress on your skin, the inviting crystal-clear pool waters calling for a dip, and tranquil days brimming with laughter and relaxation. If you’re seeking the ideal moment to experience all of this and more, look no further – September holds the key to hidden treasures at Jollyboys Backpackers in Livingstone, Zambia. Get ready to experience top-notch livingstone accommodation that’s friendly to your travel budget.

Why September, you might wonder? It’s not merely about the delightful weather, although that’s a significant factor. September in Livingstone brings a perfect fusion of adventure, serenity, and wildlife viewing. It’s our favourite time of the year in Livingstone!

Embrace Adventurous Escapades:

September’s perfect weather sets the stage for poolside chillaxing at Jollyboys, whether you’re engrossed in a captivating book or bonding with fellow globe-trotters. And speaking of adventure, the start of September heralds the reopening of the iconic Devil’s Pool at Livingstone Island. The intrepid explorer within you can plunge into the refreshing waters right at the edge of Victoria Falls – a truly unparalleled experience unique to Zambia. This is also the spot where David Livingstone first witnessed the Victoria Falls in 1855, though we doubt that he brought his swim trunks! He did however write in his diary: ‘Scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight’.

A woman lying on a sun bed by the Jollyboys pool in a green bikini - Livingstone accommodation doesn't need to break the bank to be fantastic!
September weather in Livingstone is typically warm without a drop of rain in sight – the month starts cool and ends with temperatures soaring

Thrilling Zambezi Pursuits:

For water enthusiasts, September delivers the optimal occasion to conquer the Zambezi River’s exhilarating rapids. With the full array of commercially operated rapids available at the perfect water levels, Zambezi rafting guarantees an adrenaline-charged escapade. Be ready to have your heart racing and laughter echoing amidst the untamed currents of the Batoka Gorge. And here’s an exciting bonus – reserve a one-day rafting trip with us and receive a FREE sunset dinner cruise complete with beverages! You only need to cover the park fees.

A group of rafters on an inflatable raft on the Zambezi River in Livingstone, Zambia. An easily accessible day of fun from Livingstone lodges.
Arguably the best one day rafting trip on the planet, the Zambezi River is a must for all adrenaline junkies!

Wildlife Encounters:

As the sun-kissed days of September roll in, so do unparalleled opportunities for wildlife sightings. Explore Mosi-oa-tunya National Park proudly showcases its resident white rhinos, including adorable offspring that never fail to delight. Journey with us to Botswana’s Chobe National Park, where you’ll witness first-hand the world’s largest concentration of African Elephants. September stands as an invitation to immerse yourself in a safari dream, where every rustling bush and distant roar holds the promise of remarkable discoveries.

A woman on a walking safari taking a photo of two white rhinos in Mosi-oa-tunya National Park
Livingstone’s Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park boasts white rhino that can be seen on a walking safari

Victoria Falls in September: A Symphony of Water and Stone

September transforms Victoria Falls as the Zambezi River’s water levels descend towards their lowest levels. Gaze upon the magnificent rock formations exposed by the over 100-meter drop into the Batoka Gorge. This unique spectacle crafts individual waterfalls that etch an intricate canvas of nature’s artistry. For the adventurous souls, a climb in and out of the Boiling Pot at the base of Victoria Falls is rewarded with a view from the base of the falls’ sheer grandeur.

Victoria Falls with a rainbow - the UNESCO World Heritage Site is within a short drive of lodges in Livingstone

Effortless and Memorable Stay:

At Jollyboys Backpackers, we’re committed to providing a hassle-free and memorable time in Livingstone, Zambia. Begin your journey on the right note with our complimentary pick-up shuttle from Livingstone Airport. Once settled, our daily free shuttle to Victoria Falls ensures effortless access to one of the world’s most awe-inspiring attractions. Our expert travel advisors are on hand to assist with activity reservations or direct you to the nearest club, restaurant or cafe.

Accommodation to Suit a Variety of Travellers:

Whether you’re a lone wanderer, a couple seeking romance, or a group hungry for exploration, Jollyboys Backpackers boasts the ideal accommodation. Choose from various lodging options in Livingstone, encompassing mixed and female-only dorms, private ensuites, and chalets. What’s more, every dorm and ensuite room is equipped with air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable stay during your Livingstone accommodation.

Seize the Last-Minute Retreat:

Yearning for a September break? Don’t delay! Prior to the onset of October’s heat, treat yourself to an impromptu Livingstone getaway. Pack your essentials, rally your companions, and embark on a September vaca like no other.

The question is – are you prepared to craft an unforgettable September adventure of a lifetime?

Secure Your Spot Now and Immerse Yourself See Why We Love September at Jollyboys Backpackers – Where Adventure Meets Serenity and Every Moment Paints a Masterpiece. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date!

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