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Wondering about the weather in Zambia, what kind of visa you need or if you can do your own laundry? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our most frequently asked questions. If you’re question is not there, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us for the most up to date information as this is dependent on your nationality and is subject to change. From late 2022, most nationalities don’t require a visa for Zambia anymore (FREE!) but you can also check visa regulations for Southern Africa here.

Although Zambia does not have additional requirements for children entering the country, we do highly recommend that anyone travelling with minors under 18 years of age bring:

  • A long form original birth certificate or certified copy

If not travelling with both parents on the birth certificate, also bring:

  • Proof of full custody or
  • Certified affidavit letter from the non-travelling parent

Note that if you are travelling to Botswana or Namibia, then the above documentation IS required to enter the country with minors. 

Everyone 12 years and over needs either to show proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 or to have a negative Covid test within 72 hours of arrival in order to enter Zambia. Regulations change quickly though, and surrounding countries all have different Covid regulations so feel free to reach out if we can help


Is from May to the middle of August and the average high temperatures range from 25-27°C (77-81°F) and average low temperatures are between 7-10°C (45-50°F)

Is from the middle of August to the end of April and average highs temperatures range from 32-36°C (90-94°F) and average low temperatures are between 15-19°C (59-66°F). October and November can get even hotter, so far on record it has gone up to 52°C (125°F).

The rainy season usually starts around the middle of November and will last until April. Dry season is usually from June to October.

Malaria exists in Sub-Saharan Africa. Because each person is different, we recommend speaking with your personal doctor or local travel physician. They can advise you on what drugs you should take and the most prominent malarial zones at your time of travel.

At Jollyboys we have a restaurant and bar.
We serve breakfast, lunch and diner. The kitchen is open from 06:30 am until 21:00 pm. The bar is open from 06:30 am until 22:30pm.

If you’re coming with a group (minimum of 10) we can organise group meals for you in advance. We offer group meals for breakfast, packed breakfast, lunch and diner at both locations. Please email us for more information.

If you like to cook for yourself, feel free to use our self-serve basic kitchen. There are local grocery stores within walking distance, just ask the reception and we will point you in the right direction.

Jollyboys provides potable water in a water cooler between the reception and the spa. You can also buy bottled water in the Jollyboys bar and around town. The tap in our kitchen and client kitchen is connected to our own borehole which has potable water. If you are worried that your stomach may react to certain fresh foods, we recommend eating fruits and vegetables you can peel.

We offer a laundry service charged per kilogram. You can fill in a laundry form in our reception, where we will weigh it. If you bring your laundry before 10:00 AM in the morning it will most likely be done the same day. Payment is due when the laundry is handed in. We also have a laundry area where you can do your own laundry by hand.

All our private rooms have linen, blankets and towels in the room. Our dorms include linen. Extra blankets and towels are available for a fully refundable deposit at the Jollyboys bar.

At Jollyboys Backpackers, all private ensuite rooms and 8 bed dorms have air-conditioning. All other rooms have fans in the room.

Livingstone is generally quite safe, but like anywhere in the world, it is best to be careful with your belongings when travelling, walking around town and doing activities. We recommend taking taxis after dark even when in a group.

Within town there are several banks with an ATM available which are a short walk from Jollyboys. Please ask in our reception how to get there, and you can pick up a FREE map of the town centre.

Yes, you can and we highly recommend you arrive with an unlocked phone – data packages are very reasonable in Zambia. There are different providers available. You can visit the MTN, Airtel or Zamtel shop in town and purchase a sim card. You need to register your sim card with your passport as identification during normal business hours.

We are 8 kilometres from the Victoria Falls. We offer a FREE one way shuttle every morning on a first come first serve basis. You can also take a taxi or a shared taxi to the falls throughout the day.

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