Responsible travel is about making conscious choices to let your holiday have a positive impact on the communities you choose to visit - environmentally, socially and economically.

At Jollyboys Backpackers, our aim is to offer top quality service and hospitality at value-for-money prices while striving to build on the positive impacts, and decrease the negative impacts of tourism to our beautiful destination. This is a continuous process and we are always finding ways to innovate, improve and extend these best practices throughout all of our operations. We invite you to be part of it!

Environmental Impact

  • We have an extensive solar powered inverter system with almost 50 solar panels that take advantage of our gorgeous Zambian sunshine (this also means NO power cuts!)
  • All of our hot water is solar powered… that Zambian sunshine working for us again!
  • The design of the lodge enables us to use as much natural light and cool air flow as possible
  • Electric lights are either energy efficient or LED low wattage bulbs
  • Though there is no recycling program in Livingstone, we instead aim to reduce, reuse and UPcycle as much as possible!
  • Drinks at the bar are either in refundable bottles or upcycled into glasses by Pure Skills, a local NGO which offers skills training including welding and tailoring courses.
  • Plastic bottles are reused for building projects at various charities and schools
  • A water cooler encourages our guests to reuse their own bottles
  • Bottle caps are saved and upcycled into decorative building projects by Baobuyu Learning Centre which is a preschool by day and offers adult courses in the evening.
  • Organic waste is put either in our worm farm or compost bins and then used in our gardens
  • Many non-recyclable containers are ingeniously upcycled by Wayi Wayi Art Studio through their kids craft programs
  • The majority of our cleaning products are bio-​degradable; and the company collects and reuses their containers
  • All of our staff are educated on our environmental practices and how to extend these to their own home life

Social Impacts

  • Jollyboys has teamed up with USAID and Share International for an on-going Private Public Partnership focusing on HIV Peer Education within the workforce.
  • Although Zambia has a relatively efficient health care system, the costs of medication and procedures are out of the realm of many. At Jollyboys, we believe that access to quality and efficient medical attention is a basic human right and as such, the company pays for all prescription medication and health checks that any member of our team may require.
  • Lubasi Children’s Home and Jollyboys have a long-term partnership. Since the inception of Lubasi, meaning ‘the family’ in Lozi, Jollyboys has provided this special haven with literally truckloads of assistance over the years. There are a number projects that add up to a big impact!
  • When backpacks get too heavy why not donate some of those unnecessary items to a good cause! Clothes, towels, shampoo – every bit helps and is delivered the orphanage weekly
  • We are part of Pack For A Purpose which encourages guests to bring requested supplies from their home country to donate to Lubasi Children’s Home
  • The extensive Jollyboys book exchange has a mandatory donation that raises funds to purchase educational books, games and boxes of food
  • Every year at Christmas, our guests have the opportunity to celebrate the holiday with all of the children at Lubasi. This is certainly a highlight of our year! Jollyboys sponsors a lunch feast and has individual presents for each of the 50+ children. Santa has even been known to make an appearance sweating in the summer heat!
  • We play a game of football with the kids every Sunday at 3pm where everyone is welcome to join in the fun! If your soccer skills aren’t up to scratch then grab a book or a board game!
  • If you have more time then please speak to us about longer volunteer opportunities – it’s a great way to find out more about the local culture and to really make a positive impact on the community.

Economic Impact

  • Jollyboys offers interest-free loans to all permanent members of staff to pay for such important purchases as land acquisition, home renovations, business start-up costs and children’s school fees. Loans are expensive and difficult to secure in Zambia so the ability to have access to micro-credit is invaluable.
  • We encourage our staff in vocational training and favour supporting internal promotions wherever possible
  • Our Zambian artists are innovative and exciting – we commission our local artisans wherever possible to showcase their talent throughout the lodge to create that funky Zambian feel
  • Jollyboys Backpackers was part of the pilot program and continue to encourage guests to visit Simonga Village and support their community tourism project
  • We purchase produce for our restaurant from local farms… fresher, tastier and less food miles. By purchasing locally, we are keeping the economic benefits of tourism within our community.
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