Meet the Team

We are very proud to present the hard working team we have established at Jollyboys.

Jolly's General Manager

Originally from the other side of the Zambezi River; Michelle is passionate about Livingstone and Zambia, and ensuring our guests enjoy their stay with us.

The Jolly Travel Saffie

Welcoming you upon arrival, checking you in and able to answer all your travel questions. They will help you book your activities and if you like help you plan your further travels.

The Jolly Cleaning Fairies

Making sure your time at Jollies is skip and span.

The Jolly Busy Bees

Ready to help you fill your stomach with food and drink! They’ll be ready with a cold mosi!

The Jolly Fabulous Foodies

Making sure you belly is full and satisfied. Our chefs are dedicated to serve you fresh and good quality food. We source as much as we can from local farms and make as much as we can ourselves.

The Jolly Green Team

Picking you up from the airport and keeping the grounds of Jolly’s clean and green. These wonderful people take very could care of all our plants and surroundings!

Jollyboys Directors

Kim Barnett, John Phippen and Sue Hancock.
Two Canadians and a Brit that roamed the world until they found their paradise in Livingstone.