How to Pack a Christmas Shoebox for Lubasi Children’s Home

For over 15 years, Jollyboys has worked closely with Lubasi Children’s Home, based in the Maramba area of Livingstone. ‘Lubasi’ means family, and this home provides so much love, comfort and support for all who pass through the doors.

Christmas at Lubasi is a highlight of the Jollyboys’ year – a large, traditional Christmas lunch is sponsored for all of the children and school staff and Jollyboys welcomes all of our guests to join in the festivities.  Christmas carols, dancing, a feast and excited children – just what every traveller needs while away from home for the holidays.

We kindly ask a few things in return:

1. Please respect the children of Lubasi Home by not taking pictures.

2. Please bring in advance a donation towards the individual Christmas boxes that we give each and every one of the over 45 children.

Shoe boxes with each child’s name, age and gender are located in the reception of Jollyboys Backpackers. Children are aged between five and 18 years of age, with most being teenagers. 

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Please look through the suggestions below for items to bring out from home, or consider making an even bigger impact and purchasing these items locally.  Items do not have to be brand new – gently used is also very appreciated.

Sports equipment:

Footballs/soccer balls are always a winner!

Ball pumps/bicycle pumps

Rugby balls, tennis balls, cricket balls and bats

Football/soccer cleats

Footballs/soccer socks


Tip: Buy balls that can be deflated and pumped up once you are in Livingstone to save luggage space. 


Plush toys – teddy bears and the like


Tip: Don’t give toys which require batteries or have too many pieces that can get lost.


Board games (with all pieces)


Puzzle books


Hair bands and clips








Tip: School supplies and clothing are also great options and easy to purchase whilst in Livingstone.

Please contact us with any questions about our work with the kids and staff of Lubasi Children’s Home.