From Cairo to Cape

For this week’s blog post we sat down with a guest from the backpackers and she told us a bit about her trip from Cairo to Cape Town

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Yurika Hamy Demura, I am a nurse from Japan … I quit my job sometime last year and decided to travel and I have been travelling with my boyfriend through Africa for the last six months.

What made you do the trip?

Africa had always been a place I wanted to travel through.  Previously I had travelled to America, Asia and South America, Europe seemed like the next suitable destination but when we calculated costs it was going to be expensive. So we skipped Europe and came to Africa.

Where did you start?

We started out in Egypt then we decided when we got to Tanzania we were going to buy a car and road trip the rest of the countries along the way to Cape Town.

What were your best  countries to visit in Africa apart from Zambia?

All of the various African countries had something unique to offer but some of my memorable moments were in Uganda and Sudan. The architecture, landscapes, culture and way of life in Africa is so phenomenal from country to country and that in its own was quite refreshing.

Life lesson you learnt from travelling in Africa?

Remove any ideas you think you may have of a place before you go there. You learn way more from actually going to the places yourself, and most of the time it is worth it and so much fun.

Aswan, Egypt

Uganda Equator

Chobe National Park

Cape Town