Stop Eating Boring Camping Food!

The days of hot dogs and cold canned chili are long gone. Just because you’re spending time camping, or eating in a self-catering kitchen doesn’t mean your food has to be bland and boring. Making use of online recipes, common sense planning, and better and cheaper camping cookware mean it’s much easier than it used to be for you to have a satisfying meal at the end of a long day exploring Livingstone or during an overnight safari. Any good adventure should include hot and delicious meals.

Pack Smarter

One of the best ways to eat well while out travelling is to plan a little ahead. Taking small steps like packing premade spice mixes, researching easy, creative recipes before you go, and sticking to self contained meals (think one pot) can keep you from eating a banana for dinner, or from spending half the night cleaning up after a failed experiment. A small nalgene pre-filled with salt and pepper and garlic salt can instantly brighten an dish, and keeps you from the hassle of keeping spices in separate baggies, where they’re easy to lose or spill. Try packing energy dense foods like nuts and berries for snacking to keep yourself energized throughout a busy day. Taking little steps like this can keep you focused and having fun during, say, an amazing raft trip.

Bring the Luxury to You

There’s a whole range of new products out there that making cooking on the go easier, faster, and more delicious, so you can spend more time looking for wildlife, and less fidgeting with a finicky stove. One-pot quick boiling stoves, for example, are easy to use and make it easy to whip up some soup packets or easy pasta. New improvements in cookware materials and designs make it easy to choose a set for your trip that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve carried the whole kitchen with you on safari. Lightweight and foldable pour-over coffee makers, or french press conversion accessories mean that it’s easier than ever to drink quality coffee, even when the nearest Starbucks is miles away. Just make sure your water is safe to drink and that you’re treating it if it isn’t.

Ask Around for Flavor

When you’re out buying food before a safari, adventure, or night at the camp, it can help to look at what locals are buying, and to ask what some of the best foods right now are. Obviously some common sense is needed – you wouldn’t want to take wet squishy fruit on a rough road trip – but taking a cue from those who live in Zambia can introduce you to some new foods, and also point to the foods that are in season and have the most flavor.

Camping made YUMMY!

Article written by Jennifer Drake