October: hot … hot … HOT

Today is Zambia’s Independence Day, and it is said that “it always rains on Independence Day‘. We shall see, Livingstone has been sweltering the past few weeks. S-W-E-L-T-E-R-I-N-G

The rapid decline of so-called ‘winter’ in late August, the short ‘spring’ in September has rapidly steam-rolled into full-blown summer.

October is here, and so is the heat. Be prepared: hat, lots of water, sun screen.

Accuweather.com has a conservative temperature graph but doesn’t reflect the true temperature on the ground with thermometers hitting 40c several times the past couple of weeks.

As the heat rises, so does the pressure build; we are all looking to the skies and waiting for the November rains. Until then we all cower in the shade and venture out on foot, only when absolutely necessary during the day.

Schedule physically active trips or tours for as early in the day as possible and water. Water .. water .. water (until beer’o’clock obviously). Then hit the Jollyboys for a cooling swim in our pristine and refreshing pool!

Roll on November, We’ll keep you posted ….