Lunar eclipse and live music: a special night in Livingstone

Today we bid farewell to our visiting band “Tribal Men”, who gave our guests a musical treat over the past long weekend in Livingstone.

The band from South Africa organically collaborated with our local resident artists and musicians, “Yes Rasta”. The meeting of like-minded spirits resulted in a magical few evenings of super-relaxed musical flow, for local residents and guests alike.

Monday the 7th of August we celebrated Farmers Day with a superb sundowner and evening session; Yes Rasta and Tribal Men signing to the Earth’s shadow partially eclipsing a full moon. With minds and souls satisfied, we polished it all off with ‘Beer and Burger’ specials: Zambian Mosi and Zambian beef patties … patriotic and delicious!

Yes Rasta are resident artists pretty much, being creative – in one way or another – and introducing home grown art to our guests. Hopefully our paths will cross with Tribal Men as well … and we can sing to the moon once more.

Thank you Tony Barnett Productions for the Full moon eclipse image.