The economy

Though efforts are being put in place to diversify the Zambian economy, mining is still the biggest foreign exchange earner. Copper is the largest product mined, and as such, the Zambian economy is closely linked with the international copper price. In recent years the price of copper has dropped significantly and the result of this can be felt throughout the country. Other minerals and semi-precious stones (such as amethyst and emeralds) are also mined. Farming (notably tobacco, sugar cane and fruit) as well as textile manufacturing have also significantly contributed to the economy. Tourism is an up and coming sustainable industry. The lodges and national parks in Zambia are both diverse and plentiful while efforts are in place to have the local people directly benefit from tourism. For example, if local people find it more personally rewarding to save an animal for tourists to photograph rather than to kill the animal for meat, it will be to the benefit of everyone.