Please see your local doctor or tropical health clinic before embarking on any international travel. All of Zambia is at risk for malaria so be sure to see a doctor and take prophylactics before entering the country. In light of this, the best cure is prevention so always use mosquito spray, sleep under a mosquito net and wear trousers, long sleeved shirts and socks in the evenings and early mornings. The symptoms of malaria vary from person to person, but generally include headaches, backache, nausea, fever, chills, vomiting and/or diarrhoea. If you are in, or have been in, a malarial zone and have a combination of these symptoms then be sure to see a doctor immediately (and YES, even if you are taking prophylactics, you can still get it!). Health clinics are readily found throughout the country. Many locals swear that nightly gin and tonics are not only good for malaria prevention, but also safer than the water; whatever the case, G&T will usually make you feel better. Carrying water purification tablets is recommended if you plan to leave the major cities. Unfortunately, HIV/AIDS is a major problem throughout Africa so be sure to carry and use condoms whether you are with a fellow traveller or a local person.