Food & drink

Zambia's national dish would have to be nshima and relish which most every African eats on a daily basis. Nshima consists of a stiff maize meal porridge whilst relish is basically anything accompanying the nshima (this includes meat, chicken or fish and/or vegetables). Africa does not easily cater to vegetarians (though most lodges will if told in advance) as the diet is based around meat and starches. Braai/Barbecuing is a common and social affair throughout Southern Africa. Around the country, fruits, eggs, bread, drinks and seasonal vegetables are sold by the roadside. Drinking is as important to daily life in Zambia as it is in most countries. Mosi and Rhino are the Zambian local lagers and readily available throughout the country. The local beers, made of fermented maize meal with a thick consistency can be found in all markets and township bars, but be warned that it is an acquired taste! Most spirits and South African wines are available in the cities. Major soft drinks and juices are found everywhere ... you'd be surprised where you can find a coke vendor!